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ESRL Atmospheric Chemistry Research Review

29-31 January 2008 • Boulder, CO

Laboratory scientific reviews are conducted every four years to evaluate the quality, relevance, and performance of research conducted in OAR laboratories to both internal and external interests, and to help strategically position the laboratory in its planning of its future science. These reviews are intended to ensure that OAR laboratory research is linked to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Strategic Plan, relevant to NOAA Research mission and priorities, and consistent with NOAA planning, programming, and budgeting.

This review covers atmospheric chemical sciences research at ESRL's Chemical Sciences Division and Global Monitoring Division over the last four years. Specific research areas included in the review are:

  • Stratospheric Ozone
  • Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Climate
  • Non-CO2 Climate Gases
  • Regional Air Quality
  • Chemical Transformation and Long Range Transport
  • Aerosols and Climate.

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Post Review Documents


Tuesday - January 29, 2008
Welcome and ESRL Organization Overview (1.5M pdf) Alexander MacDonald
ESRL history and 2005 reorganization; Personnel, Resources, Facilities; Vision and Overview of Role of Atmospheric Chemistry in ESRL
Atmospheric Chemistry Earth System Research Laboratory (0.8M pdf) A.R. Ravishankara
Atmospheric Chemistry at ESRL: Introduction and Overview (0.8M pdf) James Butler

Relation to societal needs, NOAA mission & program goals; Key partnerships: Internal/External (ESRL, LO's, Joint Institutes, etc); Approaches (lab, field monitoring + intensives, theoretical/analysis); Products and customers; Review agenda

Stratospheric Ozone
Susan Solomon and David Hofmann
Introduction (0.1M pdf) Susan Solomon
Trends in Ozone-Depleting Substances and ODGI (1M pdf) Steve Montzka
Global and Antarctic Ozone Observations (2.1M pdf) David Hofmann
Climate Benefits of the Montreal Protocol (1.4M pdf) David Fahey, John Daniel
Evaluating Potential ODS Substitutes (0.3M pdf) Jim Burkholder
Chemical/Dynamical Linkages, and a Look Ahead (1.1M pdf) Susan Solomon
Carbon Dioxide, Methane, & Climate Forcing
Pieter Tans and James Butler
Overview (0.6M pdf) Jim Butler
Global Monitoring: Trends/Distributions of CO2 and CH4 (0.6M pdf) Ed Dlugokencky
What We're Learning from Tall Towers and Vertical Profiles (0.8M pdf) Arlyn Andrews
CarbonTracker (2M pdf) Andy Jacobson
Future Plans and Directions (1.1M pdf) Pieter Tans
Wednesday - January 30, 2008
Regional Air Quality
Fred Fehsenfeld and James Meagher
Overview (1.4M pdf) Fred Fehsenfeld
Evaluating Emission Inventories using Top-down Approaches (0.6M pdf) Tom Ryerson
Nighttime Tropospheric Chemistry (1.6M pdf) Steve Brown
Secondary Organic Aerosols in Polluted Atmospheres (1.8M pdf) Joost de Gouw
Ozone Transport and Mixing Processes (1.3M pdf) Mike Hardesty
Wrap Up and Future Plans (0.6M pdf) Jim Meagher
Non-CO2 Climate Gases
David Fahey and James Elkins
Overview (0.6M pdf) David Fahey
N2O, CFCs, HCFC's, and other Gases (0.7M pdf) James Elkins
Airborne and Emissions Studies (1M pdf) Dale Hurst
Assessing and Understanding Tropospheric Ozone Changes (1.2M pdf) Samuel Oltmans
Water Vapor in the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere (0.7M pdf) Karen Rosenlof
Wrap Up and Future Plans (0.4M pdf) James Elkins
Aerosols and Climate
John Ogren and Daniel Murphy
Overview (0.2M pdf) John Ogren
Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing (1.3M pdf) John Ogren
Aerosol Chemistry (0.7M pdf) Dan Murphy
Aerosol-Cloud Interactions (0.9M pdf) Graham Feingold
Influence of Clouds on Aerosol Properties (1.5M pdf) Betsy Andrews
Soot Emissions from Ships (1.2M pdf) Dan Lack
Wrap Up (0.1M pdf) Dan Murphy
Thursday - January 31, 2008
Chemical Transformation & Long-Range Transport
David Parrish and Russell Schnell
Overview (1.0M pdf) David Parrish
Long Range Transport of Gases and Aerosols: The Baseline Observatory Perspective (1.6M pdf) Russ Schnell
Interannual Variability in Atmospheric Hydroxyl as Inferred from Measurements of CH3CCl3, CH4, and Other Trace Gases (0.3M pdf) Steve Montzka
Gas Phase and Aerosol Processing during Long-Range Transport (1M pdf) Joost de Gouw
Laboratory Studies of Critical Chemical Processes (0.4M pdf) Ranajit Talukdar
Wrap Up and Future Plans
David Parrish
End-to-End Service: Science, Assessments, and Service to Society (1.7M pdf) Susan Solomon
Atmospheric Chemistry at the Earth System Research Laboratory: Wrap Up and Thoughts on Our Future (0.5M pdf) A.R. Ravishankara
Thoughts and Plans on Future Research at ESRL (0.1M pdf) James Butler
Earth System Research Laboratory: Mission (1M pdf) Alexander MacDonald

Review Materials

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