The NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories (ESRL) are located at the David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder, Colorado. We pursue a broad and comprehensive understanding of the many physical, chemical and biological processes that comprise the Earth system to better predict their behavior from minutes to millennia on local to global scales.

Our scientists study atmospheric and other dynamic processes that affect air quality, weather, and climate variability. ESRL researchers monitor the atmosphere, investigate the physical and chemical processes that comprise the Earth system, and integrate those findings into environmental information products.

ESRL's work improves critical weather and forecasting tools for the public and private sectors, from hourly forecasts, drought and air quality predictions, to international science assessments with policy-relevant findings. By better understanding the Earth system, we can better understand what drives this afternoon's haze, next month's hurricanes, and our variable climate.

Our Mission

Observing and understanding the Earth system through research that advances NOAA's environmental information and services and improves predictive skill from minutes to millennia on global-to-local scales.

Our Vision

Providing a comprehensive understanding of the Earth system that effectively informs society about critical environmental issues.

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