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Current Year Stories

link to article New research improves wind forecasts for the renewable energy industry (11/20/18)
link to article Executive Summary of the 2018 Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion (11/5/18)
link to article Studying the coupled Arctic system – PSD contributes to the SODA experiment (9/25/18)
link to article FLC Far West Region award for Outstanding Partnership presented to WFIP2 Team (9/20/18)
link to article Wildfire Temperatures Key to Better Understanding Air Quality (8/9/18)
link to article NOAA Research Model Brings Severe Weather into Focus (7/12/18)
link to article TOAR: Global ozone pollution trends for plants and key crops (7/11/18)
link to article A Bird's Eye View of the Arctic: NOAA and CIRES team develop unmanned aircraft systems for Arctic research (7/3/18)
link to article Data collected for a unique Arctic experiment provides insight into ocean freeze-up process (7/3/18)
link to article Articles describe 2016 El Niño Rapid Response Field Campaign, preliminary research findings, and five resulting datasets (7/2/18)
link to article Researchers Organize International Unmanned Aircraft Conference and Flight Week (6/29/18)
link to article New study assesses when climate change in tropical expansion may be detectable (6/28/18)
link to article The NCAR/NOAA Global Hawk Dropsonde System (6/22/18)
link to article U.S. Oil & Gas Methane Emissions 60% Higher than Estimated (6/21/18)
link to article GSD demonstrates modeling systems in flash flood prediction experiment (6/18/18)
link to article Researchers examine atmospheric river flood event under future conditions (6/12/18)
link to article Another Climate Milestone on Mauna Loa (6/7/18)
link to article NOAA's Greenhouse Gas Index up 41 Percent Since 1990 (5/30/18)
link to article Process-based model evaluation using surface energy budget observations in central Greenland (5/24/18)
link to article Atmospheric Tomography Mission (ATom) Completes Fourth and Final Deployment (5/22/18)
link to article Process-based model evaluation using surface energy budget observations in central Greenland (5/22/18)
link to article Emissions of Ozone-Destroying Chemical Controlled by Montreal Protocol Rising Again, NOAA Data Shows (5/17/18)
link to article Retrieving mean temperature of atmospheric liquid water layers using microwave radiometer measurements (5/11/18)
link to article Improving winter storm forecasts with Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs): Part 2, Evaluating a satellite gap with idealized and targeted dropsondes (5/3/18)
link to article A New Research Approach for Observing and Characterizing Land-Atmosphere Feedback (5/3/18)
link to article GSD demonstrates advanced weather prediction systems in the NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed (5/3/18)
link to article U.S. Gains in Air Pollution are Slowing Down (4/30/18)
link to article Daily Emissions from Personal Care Products Contribute to Urban Air Pollution (4/16/18)
link to article New study investigates factors responsible for the record 2016 Arctic warmth (4/24/18)
link to article Skillful climate forecasts of the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean using model-analogs (4/5/18)
link to article New National Academies' Report Lays out Path Forward for Methane Research (3/27/18)
link to article GOES-S launch improves capabilities to detect and study wildfires (3/5/18)
link to article Featured photo: Last call at the South Pole, for now (2/23/18)
link to article Emissions of Household Products a Dominant Urban Air Pollution Source (2/15/18)
link to article Science On a Sphere Team releases new software (2/13/18)
link to article Projected sea surface temperatures over the 21st century: Changes in the mean, variability and extremes for Large Marine Ecosystem regions of Northern Oceans (2/8/18)
link to article New research reveals patterns of global ozone pollution (2/5/18)
link to article Arlene Laing co-authors foundational handbook about weather forecasting in West Africa (2/1/18)
link to article Researchers analyze influence of year-to-year variations in stratosphere to troposphere ozone transport (1/24/18)
link to article A climate science milestone on Colorado's Continental Divide (1/19/18)
link to article San Francisco Bay area study used high-resolution radar to help improve understanding of heavy rainfall in urban areas (1/12/18)