ESRL supports NOAA's "whole-Earth" operational and information services mission through the integration of Earth System research.

Programs, Products and Services
ESRL researchers generate experimental weather and climate products and provide a broad range of environmental information services in order to advance the application of research to meet operational needs.

Observatories, Observational Networks and Field Programs
ESRL supports the deployment and operation of environmental observatories and observational networks to provide high-resolution datasets for analysis. These data provide a critical, long-term history of the Earth system necessary for the assessment of global trends. ESRL also operates observational networks to improve our understanding of regional weather, water and climate processes, and to advance the development of new sensor techniques. ESRL conducts and participates in field programs which allow researchers to intensively study an aspect of the Earth system which applies to improving weather and air quality forecasting, and understanding climate processes and trends.

Laboratory and Computing Facilities
ESRL develops and maintains a number of facilities to support environmental research and modeling.