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NOAA Boulder. satellite dishes. Science on a Sphere BAO tower. Arctic sea ice. Supercomputer. UAS.
Atmospheric river.

ESRL Physical Sciences Research Review Presentations

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Day 1: March 9th, 2010

Time Title Speaker
8:00 Welcome: Introduction and Charge to Reviewers Richard Spinrad
8:05 Keynote by Sr. Science Advisor to NOAA Administrator Paul Sandifer
8:20 Overview of NOAA Research Planning Craig McLean
8:35 Welcome; ESRL Organization Overview, Physical Sciences Research and Priority Setting Alexander MacDonald
8:50 New Advances: Global Assimilation and Modeling Jeffrey Whitaker
  New Advances: Global Assimilation and Modeling Jin Lee
9:10 ESRL Research - PSD William Neff
  ESRL Research - GSD Steven Koch
Theme #1: Climate, Weather and Water Science
Co-Leads: Chris Fairall, Jim Wilczak
10:30 Climate, Weather and Water Science Overview Chris Fairall
10:40 Air Sea/Ice Fluxes Chris Fairall
10:55 Misrepresentation of Tropical SSTs in Climate Models Prashant Sardeshmukh
11:10 Diagnosing Times Scales of Atmospheric Moisture Transport Matt Newman
11:25 Landfalling Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers: From Extreme Events to Long-term Consequences Paul Neiman
11:40 Summary & Way Forward Jim Wilczak
Theme #2: Modeling, Data Assimilation, and Advanced Computing
Co-Leads: Stan Benjamin, Zoltan Toth
1:45 Overview and Global Modeling Stan Benjamin
2:05 Data Assimilation and Rapid Cycling Numerical Weather Prediction Steve Weygandt
2:25 WRF-Chem Development and Applications
(Alaska Fires .mov) (Dispersion .avi)
Georg Grell
2:40 Forecast Uncertainty/Applications Paul Schultz
2:50 Advanced Computing Mark Govett
3:00 Summary and Way Forward Zoltan Toth

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Day 2: March 10th, 2010

Time Title Speaker
Theme #3: Climate, Weather and Water Services
Co-Leads: Randy Dole, Robert Webb
8:00 Overview Randy Dole
8:15 Research to Improve Climate, Weather and Water Services Marty Ralph
8:30 Development of an Attribution Services Capability Martin Hoerling
8:45 The Western Water Assessment Kristen Averyt
9:00 The National Integrated Drought Information System Roger Pulwarty
9:15 Summary & Way Forward Robert Webb
Theme #4: Technology Transfer and Outreach Activities
Co-Leads: Sher Schranz, Jennifer Mahoney
1:15 Overview Sher Schranz
1:50 Science Transition Processes Mike Kraus
1:30 Weather Information Display Systems Tom Lefebvre
2:10 Outreach and Education Beth Russell
  Outreach and Education Eric Hackathorn
2:30 Summary & Way Forward Jennifer Mahoney

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Day 3: March 11th, 2010

Time Title Speaker
Theme #5a: Weather System Observations and Analysis
Lead: Bill Moninger
8:00 Overview Bill Moninger
8:20 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Sara Summers
8:35 GPS-Met Seth Gutman
8:50 Summary & Way Forward John Brown
Theme #5b: Climate System Observations and Analysis
Lead: Marty Ralph
9:00 Overview Randy Dole
9:30 Polar (Arctic) Observations and Processes Taneil Uttal
9:10 Historical Reanalysis Gil Compo
9:45 Summary & Way Forward Marty Ralph