Latest Week UV Erythema, UV Index, and Total Column Ozone

Brewer #154 is installed on the top of the North Tower at the University of Houston.

Angles:   BG:

University of Houston

Station Location: Houston,TX
Station Latitude: 29.718
Station Longitude: 95.341003
Station Elevation (MASL): 64

Brewer Instruments:

BrewerInstalledLatest Raw Data
BR135 2021-09-14 2024-05-21

Co-Located Instrumentation:

UV-MFRSR UV Multi-Filter Rotating Shadow-band Radiometer
vis-MFRSR Visible Multi-Filter Rotating Shadow-band Radiometer
UVB-1 Yankee Broadband Pyranometer
PAR LI-COR Quantum Sensor
MET Temperature, RH, BP, Wind Spd/Dir
CIMEL Cimel Sunphotometer (CSPHOT)
TSI Total Sky Imager
AFC Actinic Flux Spectromenter
GSE Gas Sampling Equipment; NO, NO2, NOx, CO, O3