NOAA-EPA Brewer Spectrophotometer UV and Ozone Network

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***** What's New *****

Offsets in the UV data measurements from colocated instruments, and calibration drifts have prompted us to sequester all historic and present NEUBrew UV data files. We are currently working to determine the cause of the discrepancies, and working on a new linear interpolated calibration processing algorithm to address the calibrarion issues in the UV datasets. 2018-11-01

UV calibrations were recently completed at Boulder's Table Mountain Test Facility on Nov 19, 2015 for Brewer instruments #134, #139, and #141. Also, UV calibration was completed for Brewer #146 located at Niwat Ridge, CO on Nov 23, 2015. UV product datasets for these two stations have been reprocessed from the calibrations dates to present and are now available for download. 2015-11-30

UV calibrations were recently completed at Bondville, IL (Aug 25, 2015) and FT. Peck, MT (Sep 23, 2015). UV product datasets for these two stations have been reprocessed from the calibrations dates to present and are now available for download. 2015-09-30

NEUBrew Network Instrument Refurbishment and Website Modifications

Refurbishment of the NEUBrew Network instruments has completed. As part of the servicing, the UG11 - Nickel Sulfate combination filter package in filter wheel #3 was replaced by a newer more thermally stable UG11 - UVC-7 combination filter from Inrad Optics. Brewers BR141 and BR146 still use the original Nickel Sulfate filter. All the instruments were calibrated for ozone by Volodya Savastiouk of International Ozone Services (IOS) on October 28, 2014. Instruments were re-deployed to the field and calibrated for UV on the following dates.

Brewer Field Station Re-Deploy Date UV Calib Date
BR134 Boulder, CO Nov 1, 2014 Apr 7, 2015
BR141 Boulder, CO Nov 1, 2014 Apr 7, 2015
BR140 Raleigh, NC Nov 18, 2014 Nov 19, 2014
BR144 Bondville, IL Nov 20, 2014 Nov 21, 2014
BR146 Niwot Ridge, CO Oct 29, 2014 Oct 30, 2014
BR147 Fort Peck, MT Nov 4, 2014 Nov 5, 2014
BR154 Houston, TX Nov 12, 2014 Nov 12, 2014

NEUBrew website modifications include:

  • Controlled access to the data and products. To access and download products data files, users will need to complete a brief registration and create a user name and password.
  • OMPS satellite O3 data and co-located Dobson (Boulder, CO only) data are now available for plot comparisons.
  • OMI and OMPS satellite total column ozone time series for user specified lat/lon and time range can be downloaded or plotted. This has changed the URL format for OMI data retrieval from this site. Please see for more info.
  • NEUBrew ozone Langley Regression Analysis Tool has been resurrected and revised.
  • The DOY calendar has been updated to add display of Microsoft Epoch day numbers.

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The NOAA/EPA Brewer Spectrophotometer Network consists of six stations located in the western, central and eastern United States. Brewer instruments provide daily Ultra-Violet (UV) Radiation and Total-Column Ozone measurements. Many Brewers are co-located at NOAA SURFRAD stations equipped with Total Surface Radiation Budget instrumentation, and Total Sky Imagers.

NEUBrew Station Deployments:
TMTF, COJuly 1, 2006
Houston, TXJuly 24, 2006
MRS, COOct 25, 2006
Bondville, IL     Sep 25, 2006
Raleigh, NCOct 13, 2006
Ft. Peck, MTNov 07, 2006