CSD Seminars:

2012 Past Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars were Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Mountain Time in the CSD seminar room (2A305) of the David Skaggs Research Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO

November 15
9:30am Thursday
Ozone, mercury and fires, oh my! Recent discoveries from the Mt. Bachelor Observatory
Speaker: Dan Jaffe, University of Washington
November 14 Holding models for tropospheric ozone to a higher standard, from the surface to the lower stratosphere
Speaker: Jennifer Logan, Harvard University
November 7 Biofuel Crops and their VOC Emissions
Speaker: Martin Graus, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
October 24 Forecasting Stratospheric Intrusion Events over the Western US for Exceptional Event Demonstration
Speaker: Brad Pierce, NOAA NESDIS
October 17 Effects of ammonia emissions on California air quality
Speaker: John Nowak, CU CIRES & NOAA ESRL CSD
October 10 Doppler lidar studies of the Boundary Layer and applications to Wind Energy
Speaker: Yelena Pichugina, CU CIRES & NOAA ESRL CSD
October 3 Aviation in a 2 degree world?
Speaker: David S. Lee, Centre for Air Transport and Environment (CATE), Manchester Metropolitan University
September 26 Understanding the short- and long-term variations in stratospheric water vapor
Speaker: Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M
September 19 The Interannual Variability of the Tropical Atmosphere
Speaker: Calvin Liang, NASA JPL
September 12 One person's noise another person's signal: Can COS be utilized as CO2 tracer?
Speaker: Dan Yakir, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
September 5 Impacts of forests and land use on chemistry-climate interactions
Speaker: Nadine Unger, Yale University
August 29 The Airborne Tropical TRopopause EXperiment (ATTREX): Measurements of Clouds and Supersaturation near the Tropical Tropopause
Speaker: Eric Jensen, NASA Ames
August 21
10am Tuesday
Black carbon aerosols over an urban region: Characteristics, Mixing and Radiative Forcing
Speaker: S. Ramachandran, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India
June 27 Assessing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Reaction Chemistry and Toxicology
Speaker: Jason Ham, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Health Effects Laboratory Division
May 30 Exploring the "Background" Variability of Stratospheric Aerosol Observed by Ground Based Lidar
Speaker: Ryan Neely, University of Colorado CIRES/ATOC & NOAA ESRL
May 24
Aerosol Entrainment and Boundary Layer CCN: Transport and Teleconnections in the Free Troposphere
Speaker: Antony Clarke, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii
May 23 Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) associated with oil and natural gas operations in Colorado and Utah: regional characteristics and potential atmospheric impacts
Speaker: Jessica Gilman, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
May 9 Some Recent QBO Results
Speaker: Marv Geller, Stony Brook University
May 2 Background ozone over the United States in 1980-2010: origin, extremes and long-term changes
Speaker: Meiyun Lin, Princeton University & NOAA GFDL
April 27
Regional Eddy Covariance Measurements of CO2 Exchange from a Tall Tower near Boulder
Speaker: Emily Graham, University of Colorado
April 18 Wyoming Winter-time Ozone Research by the University of Wyoming in the Pinedale Anticline Project Area
Speaker: Robert Field, University of Wyoming
April 11 Modeling black carbon with the OsloCTM2: current status and planned work
Speaker: Marianne Tronstad Lund, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) & University of Norway, Oslo
March 28 Temporal variability and potential coupling of terrestrial methyl halide and C2-C4 alkene emissions
Speaker: Robert Rhew, University of California, Berkeley
March 21 Understanding 'fast' night time chemistry over Northern Europe
Speaker: Mat Evans, University of York, UK
March 14 NO3-initiated secondary organic aerosol (SOA) production and NOy chemistry in a pine forest (BEACHON-RoMBAS 2011)
Speaker: Juliane Fry, Reed College, Portland, Oregon
March 7 The impact of mixing state on black carbon aerosol physical properties
Speaker: Gavin McMeeking, Colorado State University
February 29 The Validation of Climate Models: The Development of Essential Practice
Speaker: Richard Rood, University of Michigan
February 22 The BDBP – a database for various applications
Speaker: Birgit Hassler, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
February 15 The interaction between Mt. Pinatubo aerosols and the stratosphere
Speaker: Valentina Aquila, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
January 25 The hunt for small ice particles: Improving our measurements of ice in the atmosphere
Speaker: Jeffrey Stith, NCAR Research Aviation Facility
January 11 Winter Ozone Formation: Results from the Wyoming Upper Green River Basin Studies and Plans for the 2012 Uintah Basin Study
Speaker: Gail Tonnesen and Richard Payton, EPA Region 8, Denver