CSD Seminars:

2011 Past Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars were Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Mountain Time in the CSD seminar room (2A305) of the David Skaggs Research Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO

December 14 Atmospheric Reactions at Aerosol / Cloud Surface Interfaces
Speaker: Joe Francisco, Purdue University
December 12
Atmospheric Trace Gas Degradation and Secondary Pollutant Formation: New Insights from Process Studies
Speaker: Andreas Wahner, Director, Institute for Energy and Climate Research, Juelich Research Center, Germany
December 2
Overview of submicron aerosol characterization in China using advanced on-line measurement techniques
Speaker: Xiaofeng Huang, Peking University Graduate School of Environment and Energy, Shenzhen, China
November 18
Adventures in aerosol microphysics
Speaker: Jeffrey Pierce, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
November 16 Calibrated in situ measurement of UT/LS water vapor using chemical ionization mass spectrometry
Speaker: Troy Thornberry, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
November 9 Reactive Nitrogen Composition and Origin in the Rocky Mountains
Speaker: Bret Schichtel, National Park Service & CIRA, Colorado State University
November 2 Smoke and Mirrors: Is Geoengineering a Solution to Global Warming?
Speaker: Alan Robock, Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University
October 19 Emissions of VOC in northern mid-latitudes urban areas from long-term and intensive observations
Speaker: Agnes Borbon, NOAA CSD & CIRES visiting fellow
October 5
Climategate, Michael Mann, and Penn State's investigation
Speaker: William Brune, Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University
October 5 Some new ways to look at atmospheric oxidation
Speaker: William Brune, Department of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University
September 28 Towards an improved understanding of tropical widening
Speaker: Sean Davis, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
September 14 Stratosphere-Troposphere Transport and surface air quality
Speaker: Andy Langford, NOAA ESRL CSD
July 20 Monitoring and forecast of atmospheric composition using the IASI/Metop satellite mission
Speaker: Cathy Clerbaux, IPSL, France
June 22 Chemical, aerosol, and cloud processes in closed and open cells
Speaker: Jan Kazil, NOAA ESRL CSD & CU CIRES
June 15 Predicting Organic Carbon Aloft: Problems and Prospects
Speaker: Annmarie Carlton, Rutgers University
June 10
Getting to Boulder Without Benefit of Airline Food
Speaker: Dr. David Goodrich, NOAA retired
June 1 How Stationary Waves Influence the Northern Annular Mode Response to Surface Forcing
Speaker: Paul Kushner, University of Toronto
May 25 The Potential of Organic Containing and Biogenic Particles to Act as Atmospheric Ice Nuclei
Speaker: Daniel Knopf, SUNY Stony Brook
May 20
2pm Friday
What can the new ESA/GEMS Sentinel missions contribute to Protocol monitoring and understanding climate-chemistry interaction?
Speaker: Pieternel Levelt, KNMI, the Netherlands
May 11 Multiphase Oxidative Aerosol Aging in the Atmosphere: From Halides to PAHs to SOA
Speaker: Jonathan Abbatt, University of Toronto
April 27 Atmospheric Organic Chemistry of Glyoxal: Implications for Ozone and Aerosol Formation
Speaker: Frank Keutsch, University of Wisconsin
April 20 Secondary organic aerosol formation in the aqueous phase of cloud droplets and aerosol particles (aqSOA)
Speaker: Barbara Ervens, NOAA ESRL & CU CIRES
April 6 Desert dust in the western US; the role of human disturbance on dust storms and aerosol loads in the rural West
Speaker: Jason Neff, Geological Sciences & Environmental Studies, CU Boulder
March 30 Characterization of sub-cloud vertical velocity distributions and precipitation-driven outflow dynamics using a ship-based, scanning Doppler lidar during VOCALS-REx
Speaker: Alan Brewer, NOAA ESRL
March 16 Top-down mesoscale estimate of emission inventories using aircraft observations and an inverse modeling technique: Houston as an example
Speaker: Jerome Brioude, NOAA ESRL & CU CIRES
March 11
2pm Friday
Laser Transmission Spectroscopy
Speaker: Steven T. Ruggiero, Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame
March 10
1:30pm Thursday
Montreal Protocol: Science for Decision-Making Open Forum / Moderated Discussion
Speakers: John Thompson, State Department & Cindy Newberg, EPA
March 9
Applying Lidar to Remotely Measure Greenhouse Gases
Speaker: James Abshire, NASA Goddard
February 23 Clouds in a Bowl of Soup
Speaker: Graham Feingold, NOAA ESRL & CU CIRES
February 9 Mass Spectrometry of Airborne Nanoparticles
Speaker: Murray Johnston, University of Delaware
February 2 Meet Your Library Liason
Speaker: Joan Segal, Boulder Labs Library
January 19 Organic Aerosol Formation Downwind from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Speaker: Joost deGouw, NOAA ESRL CSD
January 12 Impacts of Climate Change on Tropospheric Ozone: Intercontinental Transport and Lightning Influences
Speaker: Ruth Doherty, University of Edinburgh