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Recognizing CSD Achievements and Accomplishments

7 May 2014

The research achievements and other accomplishments of CSD staff have received recognition via several awards and honors recently.

CIRES Rendezvous

Photo: J. deGouw, NOAA / CIRES

CSD's Carsten Warneke receives a CIRES Outstanding Performance award at the CIRES Rendezvous.

The University of Colorado CIRES Rendezvous on May 2nd recognized two of our colleagues with the 2014 CIRES Outstanding Performance Award in Science and Engineering. Yelena Pichugina was recognized for her groundbreaking research focusing on dynamic atmospheric processes at the heights of modern wind turbine rotors, work that has helped to characterize the atmospheric phenomena, turbulence, and boundary layer processes important to the wind energy industry. Carsten Warneke received the award for coordinating and leading the instrumentation of NOAA's WP-3D research aircraft for the very successful SENEX 2013 field study, which will advance the understanding of secondary pollution formation in the southeastern U.S.

Geophysical Research Letters chose a paper coauthored by Ann Middlebrook and former CSD scientists Roya Bahreini and Ed Dunlea for their GRL 40th Anniversary Special Collection. The paper is titled "Ubiquity and dominance of oxygenated species in organic aerosols in anthropogenically-influenced Northern Hemisphere midlatitudes" by Zhang et al. (2007). This study of aerosol mass spectrometer data showed that the organic content of atmospheric aerosol particles becomes increasingly more oxygenated in air masses farther away from urban areas. This work is particularly important to the atmospheric science community since it changed the paradigm of aerosol chemical composition and evolution. Former Aeronomy Laboratory scientists Paul Crutzen and David Hanson also authored papers that made the list. The special section selects 40 of the journal's cutting-edge papers over the 1974-2014 period to mark the 40th anniversary of GRL.

Abigail Koss

Photo: CIRES

CSD's Abigail Koss received graduate fellowship for interdisciplinary research interests.

Steve Brown and Joost de Gouw each have been elected as Professor Adjoint in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado Boulder. They now have the privileges and responsibilities of regular faculty members and may offer courses in the department and supervise graduate students.

Abigail Koss received the 2014 Carol B. Lynch Graduate Fellowship at a ceremony on May 6th. Her research interests include investigating organic trace gases in the atmosphere with Joost deGouw in the Tropospheric Chemistry group. This fellowship is annual award to a graduate student in the sciences whose work is interdisciplinary. Lynch was Dean of the Grad School at CU and Vice Chancellor for Research from 1992 to 2004.

Mike Hardesty will be recognized with the 2014 NOAA Distinguished Career Award. He was cited for his scientific achievement and leadership in the field of atmospheric remote sensing throughout 37 years of service to NOAA. He will receive the award at a ceremony on May 20th in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Mike Hardesty

Photo: CIRES

CSD's Mike Hardesty is a 2014 NOAA Distinguished Career Award recipient.

CSD scientists coauthored a paper that won the 2011 OAR Outstanding Scientific Paper Award (announced November 2013). In the climate category, Dan Murphy, Bob Portmann, Karen Rosenlof, and former CSD scientist Susan Solomon and their colleagues received the award for their paper, "An observationally based energy balance for the Earth since 1950," Murphy, D.M., S. Solomon, R.W. Portmann, K.H. Rosenlof, P.M. Forster, and T. Wong, Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, D17107, doi:10.1029/2009JD012105, 2009. In this paper, the authors used a completely new and independent approach – based on conservation-of-energy principles, observations, and simple calculations – to quantify how atmospheric fine particles ("aerosols") affect climate.

Finally, several CSD scientists are recognized for milestones in their years of service with CIRES: Gerd Hübler (30), Eirh-Yu-Hsie (30), Wayne Angevine (20), Chris Ennis (20), Eric Ray (15), Bill Dubé (10), Brian Lerner (10), Allison McComiskey (10), Shuka Schwarz (10), Troy Thornberry (10), Sean Davis (5), Barbara Ervens (5), Jan Kazil (5), Ilana Pollack (5), and Matt Richardson (5).

Congratulations to all for these achievements.