2014 Stories

link to article David Fahey selected as new director of Chemical Sciences Division (12/29/14)
link to article Arctic sea ice loss not a major factor in weather extremes in the lower latitudes (12/22/14)
link to article Scientists use Major West Coast Winter Storm to Prepare for Upcoming Field Experiment (12/12/14)
link to article Researchers offer new insights into predicting future droughts in California (12/08/14)
link to article Students learn about on-the-job science (11/21/14)
link to article Antarctic ozone hole similar to last year (10/30/14)
link to article Boulder Team Wins International Water Prize (10/28/14)
link to article Pinpointing major sources of air pollutants from oil and gas operations in Utah (10/16/14)
link to article ESRL Scientists honored with Colorado Governor's Award (10/16/14)
link to article Studying the lower Arctic atmosphere using DataHawks (10/16/14)
link to article Wintertime ozone pollution in Utah oil and gas fields (10/01/14)
link to article NOAA’s weather forecasts go hyper-local with next-generation weather model (09/30/14)
link to article New study: Climate change not to blame for 2013 Colorado floods (09/29/14)
link to article Keeping the lights on...ESRL helps improve solar energy forecasts for more efficient power management (09/26/14)
link to article A look back at the 2013 Colorado floods: How skillful were the precipitation forecasts from the weather forecast models? (09/19/14)
link to article Ozone layer on road to recovery? NOAA helps lead international report on state of Earth's protective ozone layer (09/10/14)
link to article Tweetchat on Arctic Shield Exercise (09/05/14)
link to article ESRL and partners develop workshops on flash floods to support local teachers (09/05/14)
link to article Betsy Weatherhead, Leader in the AMS Weather Enterprise (08/29/14)
link to article Air from stratosphere makes it tough for Las Vegas to meet surface ozone pollution standards (08/25/14)
link to article Cruise underway to study how Arctic ice may affect clouds and ocean-atmosphere processes (07/25/14)
link to article Air Quality Research along Colorado's Front Range (07/15/14)
link to article SOS featured at the World Science Festival in New York City (06/19/14)
link to article NOAA and Western Governors sign agreement: collaboration for drought, flooding, and wildfire preparedness (06/19/14)
link to article Sharing NOAA research with girls aspiring to math, science and technology careers (05/23/14)
link to article Airborne measurements confirm leaks from oil and gas operations (05/07/14)
link to article Mike Alexander contributor to 3rd National Climate Assessment (05/07/14)
link to article Greenhouse gases continued rising in 2013; 34 percent increase since 1990 (05/02/14)
link to article Melinda Marquis honored for work on wind energy forecasting (04/25/14)
link to article Common factors behind Greenland 2012 and 1889 melt episodes (04/24/14)
link to article US Postal Service unveils new Earth Day stamp celebrating NOAA Climate Science (04/24/14)
link to article Hoerling to present for OSU Webinar on Climate Change and Extreme Weather (04/23/14)
link to article Kevin Kelleher selected as new director of Global Systems Division (04/11/14)
link to article Students treated to Science On a Sphere® demonstrations at school (04/04/14)
link to article Heat-trapping gas concentrations top 400 ppm, two months earlier than last year (03/21/14)
link to article New software package will help users interpret climate data (03/20/14)
link to article All-Sky Cam Looks Up – Helps NOAA Refine High-Res Weather Models (03/19/14)
link to article Lab Director Sandy MacDonald explains the weird winter weather across the U.S. (03/13/14)
link to article ESRL & NOAA Fisheries collaborate on new method to assess fish vulnerability to climate change (03/04/14)
link to article NOAA's upcoming weather forecast model zeros in earlier on severe weather (03/03/14)
link to article Study measures wind speed using microphones (02/20/14)
Brazil's Amazon Basin New study finds dry conditions in Amazon add carbon dioxide to atmosphere (02/05/14)
Sandy MacDonald Dr. Sandy MacDonald selected as AMS president-elect (02/05/14)
Gulfstream IV Aircraft Three ESRL researchers receive AMS honors (02/04/14)
Gulfstream IV Aircraft Researchers fly over Pacific Ocean off US West Coast to study atmospheric rivers (02/03/14)
DOC Bronze Medal Congratulations to recent ESRL award winners (01/28/14)
Robert Webb Physical Sciences Division welcomes new director, Dr. Robert Webb (01/23/14)
Jin Liao in Barrow, AK High levels of molecular chlorine found in Arctic atmosphere (01/14/14)
Xcel Energy Plant New findings show U.S. power plant emissions are down (01/09/14)