NEUBrew News Item History


The NEUBrew network instruments are being retrieved form the field for refurbishment, filter change, and Ozone Calibration. The Mark IV Brewers utilize a UG-11/NiSO4 filter combination, which is hygroscopic and sensitive to changes in humidity, and is problematic in the stability of the Brewer Spectroradiometers. Recently, a new type of compatible filter has become available that should have better long-term stability than the UG-11/NiSO4 filter.

During June and July of 2014 Ft Peck, MT; Bondville, IL; Raleigh, NC; and Houston Brewers will be taken off line and transported back to Boulder for refurbishment and ozone calibration by International Ozone Services (IOS). After calibration, all the Brewers will operate in Boulder, CO for some number of weeks to collect ozone measurements for comparison. The Brewers will then be redeployed to their respective field stations later this year.

Brewer 144 located at the Bondville, IL tracker has been repaired and is collecting data. However, the data from this instrument will not be made available between Oct 23, 2011 to present due to data quality issues caused by an undetermined loss of instrument sensitivity. 2013-12-10

Brewer 154 located at the Houston, TX has been repaired and is collecting data. 2013-11-29

Brewer 140 located at the Raleigh, NC station has been repaired and now collecting UV and Ozone data. 2010-10-14

Brewer 140 located at the Raleigh, NC station is down due to instrument failure. The date of restoration is unknown at this time. 2010-06-21

Total Column Ozone Comparison Tool allows data from any instrument and QC Level to be compared. Brewer O3 DS Total Column O3, Umkehr derived Total Column O3, and OMI Ozone measurements are supported. O3 Values, averages, differences, ratios, and Standard Deviation can be plotted. 2009-12-07

Tropospheric Ozone Time Series derived from Version 2.5 Umkehr Vertical Profile data are now available. 2009-12-03

New Version 2.5 Umkehr Vertical Profiles now available. These data have been regenerated using the most recent version of O3BUmkehr.exe. Delta-R6 and Langley ETC Offset corrections have been applied to these data. 2009-12-01

Level 300 Daily Average Ozone Product now available. These data are corrected using our Langley derived ETC offset which is applied to the Delta-R6 corrected ETC values. 2009-07-01

New Langley Regression analysis tool allows the evaluation of removal of out-lying data points to observe the affect on the Ozone Extra-Terrestrial Constant (ETC). NO2 data can also be evaluated, but we are still in the process of verifying NO2 algorithms and processing. Future applications for this tool include SO2 and Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Langley analysis. 2009-04-08

New ozone diagnostic plot shows comparison of Lev100 internal (Brewer) and external ( NEUBrew Lev101) ozone processing and differences between Lev100 and Lev200 ozone processing. 2009-02-15

UV Index and Erythemal Dose comparison with collocated UV Broadband instruments added to the UV Product Display options. Broadband data loaded from June 2006 thru September of 2008. 2009-01-10

Level 200 Ozone Product Displays are now available for evaluation. Level 200 processing uses a Delta-R6 technique to correct for Ozone calibration drift. 2008-11-07

Level 201 UV-Scans, UV-Index, and UV-Erythema data files are now available on our FTP server. Level 201 processing repairs spikes in the UV spectral data, and adds Stray Light correction. 2008-09-23

UV Level 201 spike detection and correction diagnostic plots now available. These plot allow evaluation of UV spikes over time or by Brewer wavelength. 2008-09-22

CPC/NCEP Daily (5-Day) UV Prediction Forecast comparisons with NEUBrew UV Index data are now available on the products page. Information about how the UV predictions are generated can be found at NCEP's Web site 2008-06-20

Level 201 UV Data Products are now available for evaluation using our on-line displays. Pending acceptance, the new Level 201 data files will be made available for download on our FTP server. Level 201 UV data extend Level 101 products adding spike and stray light corrections. Links to documents describing the spike and stray light correction algorithms can be found on the Documents page. 2008-06-06

The format of our UV Scan Product files has been modified. Additional fields have been added to accommodate future processing requirements. See UV Scan Product File Changes document for details. 2008-06-03

In efforts to identify and inhibit distribution of potential bad-data, an evaluation period of the most recent product data will be implemented. This will cause an increase in the latency of the product data files available on our FTP server. The product graphical data displays on this web site are considered evaluation tools and will NOT be subject to delays and therefore will continue to have one-day latency. 2008-05-27

Daily UV Irradiance Product Displays are now available in near real-time, with one-day latency. 2008-02-25

UV Spectral Scan Product Displays are now available in near real-time, with one-day latency. 2008-02-23

UV Index & Erythema Time Series Product Displays are now available in near real-time, with one-day latency. 2008-02-20

Daily Ozone Vertical Profiles are now available in near real-time, with one-day latency. 2008-01-07

Brewer Ozone Product Display plots Brewer Daily Total Column O3 data against OMI Satellite Data. 2007-12-13

Daily Vertical O3 Profile Product Display now available. 2007-11-22

UV Erythema Products and UV Index Products for 2006-2007 are now available on our FTP Server. 2007-10-15

UV Irradiance Level 101 Products for 2006-2007 are now available on our FTP Server. 2007-10-15

UV Scans corrected for PMT deadtime and dark count for 2006-2007 are now available on our FTP Server.

Daily Averaged Ozone Product files for 2006-2007 are now available on our FTP Server.