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Experiments, Studies and Reports Involving the BAO

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Experimental Measurement Campaign for Planetary Boundary Layer Instrument Assessment (XPIA) 2015
Front Range Air Pollution and Photochemistry Experiment (FRAPPÉ) / Deriving Information on Surface conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality (DISCOVER-AQ) Jul–Aug 2014
Nitrogen, Aerosol Composition, and Halogens on a Tall Tower (NACHTT) Feb–Mar 2011
NOAA Environmental Technology Laboratory Air Quality Study: ETL NFRAQS Program 1996
Project CONDORS Convective Diffusion Observed by Remote Sensors Jul 1986
A Field Comparison of IN SITU Meteorological Sensors Dec 1985
An Evaluation of Wind Measurements by Four Doppler Sodars Jul 1984
Studies of Nocturnal Stable Layers at BAO Jan 1983
Boulder Upslope Cloud Observation Experiment (BUCOE) Mar–May 1982
Turbulence Statistics for Design of Wind Turbine Generators ( Preprint of Report to DOE) Dec 1980
The Boulder Low-level Intercomparison Experiment ( Preprint of WMO Report) Aug–Sep 1979
Project Phoenix Sep 1978