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PSD Employee Spotlight

Shannon Kelly

Meet administrative support assistant Shannon Kelly of the Budget and Administration Group

Coury Ditch

Meet Coury Ditch of the Information Technology Group

Andrea Thorstensen

Meet Andrea Thorstensen of the Hydrometeorology Modelling and Assessments Team

David Lee

Meet PSD's new Administrative Officer, David Lee

Taneil Uttal

NOAA.GOV FEATURE – Meet NOAA Arctic scientist: Taneil Uttal (from PSD)

Michael Scheuerer

Meet Michael Scheuerer of the Forecast and Modeling Development Team

Hui Ding

Meet Hui Ding of the Atmosphere-Ocean Processes Team

Matthew Shupe

UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO FEATURE – Five Questions with PSD researcher Matthew Shupe

Jessie Creamean

Meet Jessie Creamean of the Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes Team

Michael Mueller

Meet Michael Mueller who works on the Hydrometeorology Modeling and Applications Team.

Laura Slivinski

Meet research associate Laura Slivinski from the Dynamics and Multiscale Interactions Team.

Lantao Sun

Meet research scientist Lantao Sun from the Attribution and Predictability Assessments Team.

Sanjiv Kumar

Meet research associate Sanjiv Kumar from the Atmosphere–Ocean Processes Team

Scott Gregory

Meet Scott Gregory from the Forecast and Modeling Development Team

Naoko Sakaeda

Meet NRC postdoc Naoko Sakaeda from the Atmosphere-Ocean Processes Team

Eli Gunn

Meet administrative specialist Elijah Gunn from the PSD Director's Office

Andy Hoell

Meet research meteorologist Andrew Hoell from the Attribution and Predictability Assessments Team

Robert Webb

PSD Welcomes its New Director – Dr. Robert Webb