Clark King Awarded NOAA Silver Sherman

December 12, 2016

Clark King (left) and PSD director, Robert Webb
Clark King (left) and PSD director, Robert Webb (Photo credit: Barb DeLuisi, NOAA)
Clark King (left) and PSD director, Robert Webb (Photo credit: Barb DeLuisi, NOAA)

Dr. Clark King of ESRL's Physical Sciences Division (PSD) was recently awarded a NOAA Silver Sherman Award "In recognition of a decade of exceptional service in the deployment and maintenance of over 100 observing sites across the United States. These sites provide critical data for observation-based process studies to improve the physical understanding and prediction of extreme weather events. The resulting information products and services support regional decision making and are used by NOAA operations to improve forecasts and warnings."

The Silver Sherman Award recognizes NOAA employees who excel at their jobs, achieve a milestone that contributes significantly or critically towards a particular program’s goal, or demonstrate leadership toward process improvement of a significant magnitude.

King, a meteorologist, has worked at NOAA in Boulder, Colorado for 40 years—the last 10 of which have been in PSD. In 1979, he started participating in small field projects focused on flows in complex terrain and how they relate to pollution dispersion. After receiving his PhD in 1996, King began managing logistics and engineering staff for larger missions to study the relationship between air pollution and local meteorology, and later to study phenomenon that can lead to weather extremes, such as atmospheric rivers. Over the years, these projects have spanned the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

"Clark's understanding of the science and observational needs of a field project have been essential for successful setup, operation and maintenance of countless field deployments," said Robert Webb, director of PSD.

Congratulations Clark!