Chris Cox and Taneil Uttal micromet tower
TOP: Chris Cox (left) and Taneil Uttal. BOTTOM: Micrometeorological Flux Tower in Eureka, Canada

Way up North – PSD researchers at remote research station in Canada

August 12, 2016

Researchers Taneil Uttal and Chris Cox of PSD's Polar Observations and Processes Team visited the Eureka Research Station in Canada from July 29 to August 7. During a busy 8 days of work, repairs, calibrations and new installations were made to the 10 meter micrometeorological flux tower that has operated in Eureka for 10 years. Additional work and assessment was made on SW/LW radiometer measurements, and a new surface ozonemeter was installed. All work was carefully scrutinized by a visiting pair of Arctic wolves, an Arctic Jaeger and frolicking Arctic hares.

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