Marty Hoerling
Marty Hoerling
PSD Contact: Barb DeLuisi

PSD Researcher Honored as a "Top 100 Global Thinker of 2013"

December 9, 2013

Climate researchers Marty Hoerling of ESRL's Physical Sciences Division, Thomas Peterson and Stephanie Herring from NOAA, and Peter Stott, from the UK Met Office, have been named as part of Foreign Policy Magazine's Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2013 in the "Naturals" category.

Hoerling, Peterson, Herring, and Stott are co-editors of a special report published earlier this Fall in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, which sought to explain the natural and human-caused climate factors that shaped some of 2012's extreme weather events. Foreign Policy Magazine says Hoerling et al. were chosen for coordinating this groundbreaking collection of studies that "pointed problem-solvers in the right direction" of how to answer tough questions about the role of natural variability and global warming in extreme weather and climate events. The report covered events that impacted life and property, such as "Superstorm" Sandy, drought in Africa, and floods in Australia.

Hoerling and his co-editors all agree that the magazine's award is an acknowledgment of the vital role of rigorous science in explaining the causes for events that matter to people.