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De-Zeng Sun (Photo by Barb DeLuisi)
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De-Zheng Sun Interviewed by Eos on "Climate Dynamics: Why Does Climate Vary?"

September 12, 2011

Researcher De-Zheng Sun of ESRL's Physical Sciences Division and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, was interviewed by Colin Schultz for an article in the 23 August 2011, issue of Eos about the book he co-authored, titled Climate Dynamics: Why Does Climate Vary?

Abstract of article from Eos, vol. 92, issue 34, p. 285

"In recent years, climate change has become a major focus of public and political discussion. Ongoing scientific inquiry, revolving predominantly around understanding the anthropogenic effects of rising greenhouse gas levels, coupled with how successfully findings are communicated to the public, has made climate science both contentious and exigent. In the AGU monograph Climate Dynamics: Why Does Climate Vary?, editors De-Zheng Sun and Frank Bryan reinforce the importance of investigating the complex dynamics that underlie the natural variability of the climate system. Understanding this complexity—particularly how the natural variability of climate may enhance or mask anthropogenic warming—could have important consequences for the future."

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