International SOLAS Workshop on Air-Sea Gas Transfer

February 7, 2008

Chris Fairall, a researcher at the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, is attending an international workshop for the Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) on Air-Sea Gas Transfer. The workshop is being held 6-7 February 2008, in Norwich, Great Britain, with a focus on synthesizing the available air-sea gas flux transfer velocity and particle generation (sea salt production) and deposition velocity parameterizations. The workshop is part of a process to draw information out of COST-735 (a project integrating global tools for assessing flux datasets for various climate relevant gases and particles) and into the broader scientific community where these transfer coefficients and their parameterization are essential elements. International participation at a sufficient level is required for an effective transfer of information. Dr. Fairall will Chair a session on "Commonalities of species in parameterizations," and give presentations on "Historical perspectives of the COARE algorithm," and "Spume in high winds."

SOLAS is a large international research program sponsored by the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, the Scientific Committee for Oceanic Research, the World Climate Research Program, and the International Commission for Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution. Its aim is to quantify the exchange of gases and particles between the ocean and the atmosphere, and to understand the role that these exchanges play in ocean biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry and climate. More than 20 nations are involved in this effort and the data collected during the project will be archived in national data centers.

Availability of global data resources and tools is a crucial component for improving predictions. SOLAS is an example of how NOAA is collaborating with international programs to integrate information in order to better understand the role of processes, such as air-sea interactions, on climate phenomena.

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