Distributions of Daily Meteorological Variables

In progress: for any issues, please send email to cathy.smith@noaa.gov.
distribution plot

Plot the distribution of daily data for a season using different datasets, seasons, range of years, and locations. You can compare 2 different distributions. You can also input a value to see its probability for the empirical distribution and the SGS assumed distribution.

A subset of GHCN daily station data is available. All stations cover at least 1950-2016. Some stations are available from 1875. See a map of global station coverage for this subset.

Variable? T units: K C

Station number for GHCN stations (1-3890) [list]
Beginning month of season Ending month
(Optional) Enter a subset range of years
(Optional) Enter a subset of years

(Optional) filename for own time-series

(Optional) Dataset 2?
Station number for Hun stations (1-3890) [list]
Beginning month of season Ending month
(Optional) Enter a subset range of years

(Optional) Return the probability of a value for the selected distribution(s). Raw Value:
(Optional) Plot raw empirical distributions for 2 datasets on a single plot: No Yes
(Optional) Additionally plot a normal distribution on standardized plot(s): No Yes
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Output includes:
  • Plotted empirical distribution(s) of standardized values (bar chart)
  • Plotted fitted SGS estimates of standardized values (line plot)
  • Statistics of distribution(s).
  • SGS fit coefficients.
  • NetCDF file(s) with statistics, PDF bins/values, and time-series..
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