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Climate Division Plots
How to read file used in plot.
How to reference plots
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Climate Division Information
Get data and more info from NCDC.
Get climate division boundaries, Divisional Areas and other useful files from NCDC.
US Map with list of map climate divisions and individual state maps of the climate divisions (with counties).
Get State averaged temperature and precipitation climatologies.
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Atmospheric and Ocean Time series (SOI, PNA, etc.).
Get timeseries from climate division dataset and other datasets.
Plot maps and time series at one climate division (from NCDC). Choose "map interface to selected online data". Under select products, choose "divisional data".
Dataset | Seasons | Index Time-series | Lead/Lags | Input Years

  • Dataset:

    Data is taken from NCDC's climate division dataset. The complete dataset covers January 1895 to the latest available (usually a month behind the current month). The correlation page will plot correlations form Jan 1895 to the present.
  • Seasons:

    Seasons are calculated by averaging the value for each month of the season. All processing is then applied to this one number/year. Seasons can be wrapped around the end of a year. If you want Dec, Jan and Feb choose Dec for 1st month and Feb for 2nd.
  • Years to enter

    Enter from Jan 1895 to the present. For seasons that overlap end-of-years, use only the years that are available.
  • Lead/Lag

    The default lead/lag is 0 months. You can specify that the index time series either lead (come before) or lag (come after) the variable being correlated with. You can specify the correlations in months or seasons. So, if you are doing seasonal correlations of FMA, a one month lead would correspond to the index time series of JFM. For a one season lead, it would be OND. For monthly values, you can just specify months. Please do not specify a lead of more than 12 months. The months used are indicated on the plot.
  • Index time-series

    See ClimateIndices for a description and source of the time series.