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Climate Division Plots
Data Notes and caveats
How to read file used in plot.
How to reference plots
Climate Division Information
NCEI's Climate Division Webpage. Includes references and related documentation.
Data caveats.
Get climate division boundaries.
Get county boundaries.
Get stations that went into division data (from NCEI's ftp server).
US Map with list of map climate divisions and individual state maps of the climate divisions (with counties).
Get State averaged temperature and precipitation climatologies.
Related Pages
Atmospheric and Ocean Time series (SOI, PNA, etc.).
Get timeseries from climate division dataset and other datasets.
Plot maps and time series at one climate division (from NCEI). Choose "map interface to selected online data". Under select products, choose "divisional data". Uses Flash.

Climate division boundaries and county relationships.

NCEI provides a link to their climate division shapefiles (zipped). Please email them with questions. ncei.info@noaa.gov.

NCAR has a netCDF file with the climate division boundaries available entitled "climdiv_polygons.nc". NCL has the boundaries builtin to its plotting code as does GrADS.

You can find the counties that are in each division using these shapefiles provided by NCEI.