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Pacific North American Pattern (PNA)

Pattern of variability in the northern hemisphere Pacific/American Region.

Positive Phase: PNA image

Calculation Method:
The indices are based on centers-of-action of 500mb height patterns. These time series utilize the NCEP/NCAR R1 dataset. The region is [(15-25N, 180-140W)-(40-50N, 180-140W)+(45-60N, 125W-105W)-(25-35N, 90W-70W)].
Time Interval: Daily
Time Coverage: 1948-near present
Update Status: Daily
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PNA Timeseries
Data is from NOAA/ESRL PSD
Daily Teleconnections Forecasts including PNA Forecast plot
Monthly PNA (different source)
NOAA/CPC's PNA Information