PSD Climate and Weather Data


PSD archives a wide range of data ranging from gridded climate datasets extending hundreds of years to real-time wind profiler data at a single location. The data or products derived from this data, organized by type, are available to scientists and the general public at the links below.

The third party data appearing on this web site may be reformatted from their original form, but not altered as to the informational content contained therein. It is provided as a public service. Further, this data does not reflect an official view or position of NOAA/OAR.

Type: Climate

Gridded climate datasets
Gridded climate datasets ranging in resolution from 32km and upwards and in time from the 1700s to the present are available for download.
Reanalysis Datasets
PSD maintains a set of the major reanalysis datasets including the NCEP/NACAR I, the NCEP/DOE II, the 20thC Reanalysis and the North American Regional Reanalysis for use in climate diagnostic activities.
Atmospheric/Ocean Timeseries
Key atmosphere and ocean timeseries like Nina3.4 and the AMO are available for use and download.

Type: Satellite

Real-time satellite imagery.
Archived images and data

Type:Wind Profiling Radars

Tropical Wind Profiler Data
Profiler data for a selection of sites is available. Data ranges from 1990 to 2009. It contains half-hourly or hourly post-processed (i.e. research quality) data from 915 and 50 MHz wind profilers.
Boundary Layer Profiler Network: Data/Image Request Form
Obtain ASCII data for a specified date/variable
Near Realtime Boundary Layer Profiler Network.
24 hour images of near realtime wind profiler and surface meteorology for select field campaigns carried out by the Water Cycle Branch of PSD2. There is also access to archived images and data for the currently installed instruments.

Type:Cloud Profiling Radars

EPIC Data: MM Cloud Radar Data
North Slope of Alaska Project (NetCDF files and data viewer)
SHEBA Cloud Microphysics Remote Sensing Archive (NetCDF files and data viewer)
The NOAA SEARCH Atmospheric Observatory Program in Eureka, Canada NetCDF files (ftp) and data viewer

Type:Air-Sea Fluxes

Cruise Data Archive
A unique database of surface fluxes, boundary-layer physical properties, and cloud information that represents a major resource for anyone working on marine atmospheric problems.
Working Group in Surface Fluxes
Group will develop datasets, improve measurements and do assessments of climate models associated with fluxes.

Type: Local Weather and Climate Data

Boulder weather and data
A collection of data and links to information for those interested in Boulder, Colorado weather and climate data.