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Correlation is 0.994061
RMS Difference is 2.0101

Time Series Statistics: ncep1 2m Air Temperature

Mean: 262.37
Standard Deviation: 9.88643
Skewness: 0.052822
Kurtosis: -1.58645
Slope*: 0.102826
Percent missing: 0

Time Series Statistics: era 2m Air Temperature

Mean: 263.828
Standard Deviation: 9.09503
Skewness: 0.0786301
Kurtosis: -1.53904
Slope: 0.0826673

Closest lat/lon centers for dataset 1 bounds are: Lat: 65.7125 to 88.542 Lon: 0 to 358.125
Closest lat/lon centers for dataset 2 bounds are: Lat: 64.5 to 90 Lon: 0 to 358.5

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Plotted using the NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis I and the ERA-Interim datasets
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You Selected:
Dataset: NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis I
Variable: 2m Air Temperature
Date Jan 1979 to Dec 2017
Type: Mean
Plot Type: Timeseries Difference
Latitude Range:65 to 90
Longitude Range:0 to 360

2nd dataset
Dataset 2: ERA-Interim
Variable 2: 2m Air Temperature
Latitude Range:65 to 90
Latitude Range:0 to 360

Plot Scale: 100 %
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*Slope: Calculated from NCL routine which does a least square fit. Slope is give in units of per year. Slope may be caculated with missing values depending on what your dataset/level/variable selection was.
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