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Plotted using the NASA MERRA-2 Reanalysis dataset
To reference plot in a publication, please include the lines " Image provided by the NOAA-ESRL Physical Sciences Division, Boulder Colorado from their Web site at". You should also reference the dataset(s) itself
Note: MERRA does not interpolate pressure level variables below the surface. Your MERRA plot may contain "missing" grids or use missing grids in calculating hight/latitude or height/longitude values. Please check the MERRA maps of the variable to see where this may occur. Details on how pressure level data was handled in MERRA can be found here.

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Dataset: NASA MERRA-2 Reanalysis
Variable: 2m Air Temperature
Date(s) for 1st dataset:
201610 201611 201612 201701
Type: Anomaly
Plot Type: Lat/Lon
Map Region: Custom
Lat: 65N to 90N Lon 0E to 360E
Plot Scale: 100 %
Contour Labels No
Contour Type: Shaded w/overlying contours
Contour Colors: Color
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