Forecast Impact and Quality Assessment Projects

Missy Petty, Acting Chief
Brian Etherton, Acting Deputy Chief

Society depends upon accurate and informative weather information to support daily living decisions and to protect life and property when damaging weather arises. Forecast quality information provides the feedback mechanisms required for improving weather forecast accuracy and the usefulness of the weather information to the consumer.

The Forecast Impact and Quality Assessment Section's innovative and creative techniques and assessment strategies are empowering consumers of weather information in their decision making processes by providing scientifically robust forecast assessment tools, concepts, and analyses.


Aviation Weather Technology Transition Projects
National Ceiling and Visibilty Analysis Evaluation
World Area Forecast System (WAFS) Global Icing Evaluation
CoSPA Evaluation
Consumer-Specific Evaluation Research
Forecast integration and decision support
User-specific metrics and methods
  • Sector-based verification
  • Air traffic capacity measures
  • Object-based verification approaches
  • Forecast supplement verification strategies
FAA Operations Support
Convective forecast assessments for strategic planning
NAS metrics development
NextGen Support
NEVS Development
NEVS Transitions
Decision Support and Forecast Verification Integration