ESRL visits University of Texas - El Paso SOS and SOS Explorer Team receives an Honorable Mention at the CO-Labs Governor’s Award for High-Impact Research GSD's great eclipse effort Experimental model predicts the effect of the 2017 eclipse on weather GSD tools provide heads-up to potential aviation trouble spots and streamline forecast process

Economic Impacts

Image of the entrance to the David Skaags Research Center

Increasingly accurate weather data and forecasts to protect lives, property, and promote economic prosperity.

Impacts on Industry

Slice of Experimental FIM Model - Precipitable Water July 15, 2015

Improving weather data, forecasts and computing techniques used by industry and decision-makers makes operations safer and more efficient.

Public Safety

Slice of FXC/CAT Annotation Capabilities

GSD-developed technology helps the National Weather Service and emergency managers respond to weather threats quickly.

Super Computing

NEIS Interface Image

GSD researches and hosts efficient high-performance computing to support NOAA’s mission.

Giving Back

Image of a person using the SOSExplore application

GSD-developed technology encourages learning and discovery for a science-literate society

GSD's Mission: NOAA's Global Systems Division (GSD) of the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) is a leader in the applied research, directed development, and technology transfer of environmental data, products, and services that enhance environmental understanding with the outcome of supporting commerce, protecting life and property, and promoting a scientifically literate public.