Max McGillen

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Research scientist, separated

Chemical Processes & Instrument Development

I am a research scientist at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) and an affiliate with the NOAA Earth System Research Lab. I joined the lab in 2010, where my current activities involve measuring the rate of reaction of volatile organic compounds with atmospheric oxidants, measuring absorption cross sections of species of atmospheric interest and elucidating the mechanism by which gas-phase pollutants are processed in our atmosphere.


PhD: University of Manchester, UK

MSc: Keele University, UK


  • The measurement of gas-phase rate coefficients and absorption cross sections.
  • The development of structure-activity relationships (SARs).
  • The development of a field chemical ionization mass spectrometer (CIMS) for the detection of ammonia, acids and nitrate radical aboard an airborne platform.
  •  The development of a novel atmospheric simulation chamber apparatus for the measurement of kinetics and product yields of reactions that otherwise present experimental challenges associated with low volatility, atmospheric contamination and slow rates of reaction.

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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