Updates on the WB-57 platform and opportunities for supporting Earth Science

Speaker: Andrew Roberts, NASA WB-57F Program

When: Thursday, June 12, 2014, 10:30 a.m. Mountain Time
Location: Room 2A305, DSRC (NOAA Building), 325 Broadway, Boulder
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The WB-57 is a high altitude, heavy lift R&D platform. There are many advantages to the science community in utilizing this highly flexible and adaptable platform. The platforms over the past few years have gone thru significant upgrades including regenerating a third aircraft and building a robust deployable support capability. The presentation will show some of the past missions as a starting point to generate a discussion on new uses for Earth Science giving opportunities to expand the use of this platform. The presentation will also open up some instrument piggy back options to current WB57 missions. Bruce Tagg, Director of HQ Airborne Science Program, is offering subsidy of the WB-57 for NASA Earth Science utilization. The subsidy is for this year only. However he is willing to extend it for future years if there is good interest. The WB57 program office is highly motivated to support the Earth Science community and is looking forward to discussing new ideas with the Colorado based Science Community.