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In late April 1987, the Soviet oceanographic research ship Akademik Korolev came to Hilo to load a contingent of American atmospheric and oceanographic scientists for a joint U.S-U.S.S.R study (SAGE II). The U.S. scientific party included GMCC (now CMDL) and other NOAA scientist as well as a number of university researchers. After about a 3 month cruise with port calls in Wellington, New Zealand, and Singapore, the Korelev returned to Hilo in late July to disembark the U.S. scientific team and their equipment. This expedition involved the measurement of atmospheric and dissolved trace gases in and over the west Pacific and east Indian Oceans.

The Akademik Korolev in Hilo Bay.
Cruise track of the SAGE II experiment during April-July 1987 aboard the soviet vessel. The dashed lines show the shake-down leg. SAGE II


Koropolov V. Koropolov, chief scientist of the U.S.S.R. group.
Captain In the Captain's cabin of the Akademik Korolev.