* All downloadable documents are in Adobe Reader (.pdf) format

Work Visitation

  • If you need to schedule a visit to MLO for project maintenance or other work-related reasons, please contact Aidan Colton by email or phone (808-933-6965 x233).

Request A New Project

  • "GMD Cooperative Agreement Form" [ download ]
    If you are setting up a new MLO research project, please download and complete the "GMD Cooperative Agreement Form", then email it to Darryl Kuniyuki. This form is required by the NOAA ESRL GMD.

General Information and Logistics

  • "Information for Visiting Cooperative Investigators and ESRL Staff" [ download ]
    This document describes how to apply for a new program, and also lists details for scheduling a visit to MLO (such as contact information, lodging, car rental, food, utilities, medical attention, internet service, power availability, and work environment). It also covers transporting work materials and equipment to and from the observatory.
  • "Important Things to Remember When Visiting MLO" [ download ] [ online ]
    This information serves as a general preparation checklist for anyone visiting the observatory. Special attention is given to what you can expect while at our high altitude site, and what you will need to do beforehand to prepare.

MLO Computer Policies

  • "MLO Computer Policies for Visitors" [ download ] [ online ]
    Please follow these guidlines when visiting MLO. Our policies are designed to maintain network security and ensure visitors meet all their computer needs.