ESRL Scientists Received CIRES Awards at Annual Rendezvous Meeting
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Twelve ESRL scientists received significant awards at the Annual Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Rendezvous Meeting on April 1, 2009. Andrew Crotwell, Geoff Dutton, Molly Heller, Debra Mondeel, Carolina Siso, and Kelly Sours received the CIRES Silver Medal for their contributions to the Annual Greenhouse Gas Index (AGGI) that provides a normalized standard that can be measured and followed year-to-year. The Department of Commerce awarded the Silver Medal Award, one of its highest awards, to their NOAA colleagues in 2008. Sonja Wolter, Doug Guenther, and Fred Moore received a CIRES Science and Engineering Award for their contributions in developing a programmable flask package whole air sampler that met rigid safety requirements for FAA certification for the HIAPER Pole to Pole Observations of Greenhouse Gases (HIPPO) flights. Molly Heller also received a CIRES Service Award for her contributions in logistics for the flask program in the Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases Group of ESRL and in creating the current recycling program in the David Skaggs Research Center.

John Holloway and Sergey Matrosov of ESRL received a Science and Engineering Award for their contribution’s to ESRL engineering programs. Chris Ennis received the CIRES Director’s Award for her organizational skills and editorship of the US Climate Change Science Program Report: Synthesis and Assessment Product 2.4.

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