Trace Gases Measured by ACATS-IV and their Atmospheric Importance

Common Name Formula Sources Atmospheric Importance
nitrous oxide N2O Natural, fertilizer application, animal waste 1,2
sulfur hexafluoride SF6 Insulator in high voltage systems 2
CFC-12 CCl2F2 Refrigerant 1,2
halon-1211 CBrClF2 Fire extinguishing agent 1,2
CFC-11 CCl3F Foam blowing agent 1,2
CFC-113 CCl2FCClF2 Solvent 1,2
chloroform CHCl3 Natural, waste treatment, paper production 1
methyl chloroform CH3CCl3 Solvent 1,2
carbon tetrachloride CCl4 Solvent, feedstock for CFC production 1,2
hydrogen H2 Hydrocarbon oxidation, combustion
methane CH4 Natural, ruminant animals, combustion 2
carbon monoxide CO Combustion, hydrocarbon oxidation  

1 - Breaks apart in the stratosphere and reacts with stratospheric ozone (Ozone Depletion)
2 - Absorbs longwave radiation and traps heat in the lower atmosphere (Greenhouse Gas)