The ESRL/GMD Aerosol group has developed software for acquisition, processing, and archiving of data from aerosol samplers and instruments that are used in the NOAA-federated aerosol monitoring network. There are two main components: "LiveCPD" runs on a computer at the field site, and "AER_VM" runs on a computer at the user's office. The "LiveCPD" software is used to control instruments and acquire data in the field, while the scientists and technicians responsible for the data use the "AER_VM" software on their desktop computers to review the data for quality and completeness, flag or remove contaminated or invalid data, reformat and export the data for analysis with other software, and submit the data for archiving and public access at the World Data Center for Aerosols. The links below describe how to download, install, and use this software.


Data Processing Software

Data Acquisition Software

Aerosol Sampling System