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Site Description
Station Information
Category: Continental
Collaborating Institutes: Appalachian State University
WMO GAW station information page
Status: Operational, Jun. 2009
Site Info: Contacts:
Dr. James Sherman
PI - Optical Measurements
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Brett Taubman
PI - Chemical Measurements
Department of Chemistry

Dr. Yong Zhou
Director of Observatory Operations

Regular Mailing Address:
Appalachian State University
c/o Jim Sherman 231 CAP Building
525 Rivers St.
Boone, NC 28608 USA

Fax: 828-262-6558
Station Coordinates and Elevation: 36.200N, 81.700W 1100masl
Photos and Drawings: APP Photo Gallery
Station flow diagram

APP Aerosol Properties Plots

Statistical Summary Plots - Multi-year record of final aerosol and atmospheric property data.

Do not quote or cite.

Atmospheric Properties

These plots are designed to provide a quick look at the measured aerosol properties. They display raw unedited data, but known corrections for instrument errors have been applied.

Short-Term Status Plots (last 5 days) Long-Term Averaged Plots (hourly averages, last 30 days)
Humidified OverviewHumidified Overview
Number ConcentrationNumber Concentration
Absorption OverviewAbsorption Overview
Filter Absorption PhotometerFilter Absorption Photometer