POLARCAT Data Workshop, 2-5 June 2009

Presentations (password required)

ARCPAC Data Workshop, 12-13 March 2009

Agenda and Presentations (password required)

ARCPAC Lunchtime Discussions, Summer 2008

Preliminary Data Analysis and Results (password required)

Met Briefings, Daily during mission:

ARCPAC 0930-1000 in Room 2K (see plan) Presentation for PDF file (password required)

ARCTAS 1000-1200 at UAF and via WebEx

ISDAC 1500-1700 in 'the room with a view'

ARCPAC Science Team Meeting, 20 April 2008

Biomass Burning Event PDF file (password required) Brad Pierce

ARCPAC Planning Meeting, 22 February 2008

Review of science objectives and overall schedule PDF file Dan Murphy

Proposed flight plans PDF file Chuck Brock

Schedule details PDF file Tom Ryerson

Facilities PDF file Gerd Hübler

Hazmats, Housing, Website, Data submission and protocol PDF file Chuck Brock

WP-3D Planning Meeting, 24 August 2007

Science Overview, Schedule, Facilities PDF file Chuck Brock, Tom Ryerson, Gerd Hübler