Tropospheric Chemistry: Research Platforms

Tropospheric Chemistry research uses a variety of platforms to conduct field observations. These include research aircraft, ships, and ground sites.



The NOAA WP-3D is used in many of our field missions. Instruments have also flown on the NOAA G-4 and NOAA Twin Otter. These aircraft are operated by the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center (AOC). Instruments have also flown on the NSF / NCAR C-130. This research aircraft is operated under the NCAR/UCAR Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL).



Several group participating field projects have used the NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown. Instruments have also deployed on the R/V Knorr and R/V Atlantis. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution operates these research vesels. Ship-based endeavors are often considered mobile ground sites, with instrumented trailers deployed on deck.

BAO tower

Ground Sites

Ground sites encompass trailers and tall towers, including the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory (BAO) in Erie, CO. The Physical Sciences Division (PSD) at NOAA ESRL operated the BAO tower. Instruments have also deployed in a mobile van. The CSD Mobile Lab is a modified full-size passenger van for regional ground measurements.