WP-3D Daily Plan

Daily plans post here, and include meeting times and information about flights.

Plan: 06/21/2010 1700 Central

Hi folks,

Tomorrow, Tuesday June 22: We have only the transit flight from Ontario back to Colorado left to do. Michael's flight plan is attached, showing us working downwind of LA, sampling over Las Vegas, and sampling over the Grand Canyon. After pt. 9, though, we'll depart from the planned track, to sample downwind of the new Shultz fire just north of Flagstaff, AZ, rather than the other two fires shown on the flight plan.

Before bugging out, please ensure you have returned your Ontario ramp pass and any office keys to Gerd.

Doors will open at 7 AM for a 10 AM PDT takeoff, and we should be landing at Jeffco roughly 6 hours later, say 5 PM Mountain time, plus or minus an hour depending on the fire plume work we do en route. It is difficult to predict the arrival time of the P-3 in Colorado very precisely. You can follow progress via Xchat as usual, or by going to flightaware.com and entering "NOAA43" into the private flight "flight/ tail#" field, if the live data download and satellite feed are not available. For anyone meeting the P-3 at Jeffco, please be aware of this arrival time uncertainty, and plan accordingly. We'll have power for 1 hour in postflight as usual. RAF will likely be closed by the time we arrive; in that case, you can enter through Stephens Aviation just across the ramp from the RAF hangar.

Wednesday and Thursday, June 23-24: No power will be available as we remove instruments from 9 to 4:30 PM on both days. Gerd and Ed will let us know the expected arrival times for the truck to Jeffco and to the NOAA labs in Boulder. We are almost done -