ICEALOT 2008 R/V Knorr Instrumentation

Parameter Method Affiliation
Size-resolved aerosol composition and gravimetric mass Impactors (IC, XRF, and thermal-optical OC/EC)
Water soluble organic carbon PILS-WSOC
Ionic Aerosol Composition Particle In Liquid Sampler (PILS)-IC
Aerosol Size and Composition Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
Organic function groups FTIR
Single particle size and composition ATOFS
Aerosol number CNC
Aerosol size distribution Twin DMAs and an APS
Cloud condensation nuclei concentration CCN Counter
Aerosol scattering (400, 550, 700 nm) TSI Model 3563 Nephelometer
Aerosol absorption (400, 550, 700 nm) Radiance Research PSAP
Aerosol absorption Photoacoustic
Aerosol light scattering hygroscopic growth f(RH) Twin TSI 3563 nephelometers
Aerosol light extinction hygroscopic growth f(RH) Cavity ring-down spectrometer
Total and sub-micron aerosol extinction Cavity ring-down spectrometer
Vertical profiles of aerosol backscatter Micropulse lidar
Aerosol optical depth MicroTOPS
Temperature/relative humidity profiles Radiosondes
Cloud Liquid Water Path Microwave radiometer
Cloud droplet effective radius Cloud radar
Radiative fluxes (near UV to near IR) Spectral radiometers
Surface energy balance (fluxes) Eddy covariance (bow mounted)
High resolution BL turbulence structure Doppler mini-Sodar
VOC Speciation GC/MS
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) GC/MS
Radon (Rn) Radon gas decay
Seawater DMS GC chemiluminescence
Ozone (O3) UV absorbance NOAA ESRL
Ozone NO chemiluminescence NOAA ESRL
Carbon monoxide (CO) Nondispersive IR NOAA ESRL
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Pulsed UV fluorescence NOAA ESRL
Nitric oxide (NO) Chemiluminescence NOAA ESRL
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Photolysis/chemiluminescence NOAA ESRL
Total reactive nitrogen oxides (NOy) Au tube/chemiluminescence NOAA ESRL
Peroxyacyl nitric anhydrides (PANs) PAN-CIMS NOAA ESRL
Alkyl nitrates (RONO2) GC/MS NOAA ESRL
Acyl peroxy nitrates, ClNO2 CIMS NOAA ESRL
Nitrate radical (NO3); Dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5) Cavity ring-down spectroscopy NOAA ESRL
Water vapor (H2O)

Capacitance probe NOAA ESRL
Photolysis rates (j-values) Spectral radiometer NOAA ESRL
Carbon dioxide (CO2) Nondispersive IR NOAA ESRL