Round Robin #6 is currently underway [started: January 2014]

State of the current Round Robin experiment. The initial TimeTable, set by the NOAA Team, may be adjusted based on actual cylinder arrival and shipping dates reported by participants.

Please Note: The current Round Robin experiment will close on 9999-12-31.

- awaiting input information from lab.

The actual departure date as reported by the participant is displayed as

  • yyyy-mm-dd if it is on or before the scheduled departure date
  • yyyy-mm-dd if it is within 2 weeks after the scheduled departure date
  • yyyy-mm-dd if it is beyond 2 weeks of the scheduled departure date.

Circuit 1: 10 labs

Cylinders: CB10006, CB09974

LabScheduled ArrivalActual ArrivalScheduled WeeksScheduled DepartureActual DepartureMeasurements CompletedResults Reported
1. NCAR (United States)2014-02-272014-02-2532014-03-202014-03-26
2. NOAA-CSD (United States)2014-04-102014-04-1132014-05-012014-05-02
3. NEON (United States)2014-05-082014-05-0822014-05-222014-05-28
4. NIST (United States)2014-05-292014-06-0342014-06-26
5. HU (United States)2014-07-0332014-07-24
6. PSU (United States)2014-07-3122014-08-14
7. CALTECH (United States)2014-08-2142014-09-18
8. BLG (United States)2014-09-2542014-10-23
9. AMERIFLUX (United States)2014-10-3022014-11-13
10. EC (Canada)2014-11-2042014-12-18