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The US Weather Research Program - 
		Better weather forecasts for the nation.
Through its U.S. Weather Research Program (USWRP), NOAA seeks to improve weather and air chemistry forecast and warning information and products by funding, facilitating, and coordinating cutting-edge research to improve high-impact weather and air chemistry predictions and warnings to protect lives and property of the American public and inform weather sensitive U.S. industries. USWRP collaborates closely with NOAA scientists and academic partners to transition this research into useful applications that help forecasters provide more accurate and reliable weather forecasts and warnings. The USWRP also supports societal impact studies in weather and a set of related program projects to provide outreach and coordination among NOAA, other government agencies, academia, and industry.

Within NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), the Office of Weather and Air Quality (OWAQ) Program manages the overall USWRP effort in support of research, societal benefits, and related weather research through projects with internal and external partners, including NOAA's cooperative institutes and other academic partners. USWRP project activities include weather testbeds, environmental modeling research, weather research partnership projects, and socioeconomic research.