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Steven E. Koch

Steven E. Koch

Steven E. Koch

Director, Global Systems Division


Dr. Koch leads the Global Systems Division in carrying out its mission, which is to conduct research and development to provide NOAA and the nation with observing, prediction, computer, and information systems that deliver environmental products ranging from local to global predictions of short-range, high impact weather and air quality events to longer-term intraseasonal climate forecasts. Dr. Koch also serves as the Deputy Director of the NOAA-NCAR Developmental Testbed Center (DTC), as Technical Monitor for a NOAA Cooperative Science Center (ISET), and as an adjunct faculty member at several universities.


  • Ph.D. Meteorology, University of Oklahoma, 1979
  • M.S. Meteorology, University of Wisconsin, 1974
  • B. S. Meteorology, University of Wisconsin, 1972

Research Interests

Dr. Koch is the author or co-author of 64 scientific articles in professional journals and more than 140 conference papers and reports covering such subjects as: numerical weather prediction and data assimilation; radar and wind profiler applications; gravity wave, soliton, and frontal dynamics; the diagnosis and prediction of turbulence; scientific data visualization; and operational forecasting techniques.


Dr. Koch is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mesometeorology and a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society. He has established a critical role for GSD in the nation's hurricane model improvement program and in the development of high-resolution numerical models and data assimilation systems for predicting severe convective storms and other hazards to aviation. His leadership at the DTC has accelerated improvements to NOAA operational weather forecast capabilities. GSD is a leader in the development of Decision Support Systems. Dr. Koch's technical direction of ISET has resulted in much scientific collaboration with ISET students.

Recent Publications

  • Bernardet, L., L. Nance, M. Demirtas, S. Koch, T. Fowler, A. Loughe, J. L. Mahoney, J.-Y. Chuang, M. Pyle, and R. Gall, 2008: The Developmental Testbed Center and its Winter Forecasting Experiment. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 89, 611–627.
  • Koch, S. E., W. Feltz, F. Fabry, M. Pagowski, B. Geerts, K. M. Bedka, D. O. Miller, and J. W. Wilson, 2008: Turbulent mixing processes in atmospheric bores and solitary waves deduced from profiling systems and numerical simulation. Mon. Wea. Rev., 136, 1373–1400.
  • Jankov, I., W. A. Gallus, Jr., M. Segal, B. Shaw, and S. E. Koch, 2005: The impact of different WRF model physical parameterizations and their interactions on warm season MCS rainfall. Wea. Forecasting, 20, 1048–1060.
  • Koch, S. E., B. D. Jamison, C. Lu, T. L. Smith, E. I. Tollerud, C. Girz, N. Wang, T. P. Lane, M. A. Shapiro, D. D. Parrish, and O. R. Cooper, 2005: Turbulence and gravity waves within an upper-level front. J. Atmos. Sci., 62, 3885–3908.
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