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Sher Schranz

Sher Schranz

Sher Schranz

Senior Project Manager

Global Systems Division


I am the Project Manager for AWIPS I Thin Client (FX-Net) and AWIPS II Thin Client development programs. I also manage the Gridded FX-Net and Grid Extraction Tool development. These systems are used by operational fire weather forecasters.

I am the project lead for the NOAA PPBES Weather and Water, Fire Weather Modeling and Research program.

I am the Deputy Program Manager for the ESRL NextGen 4D Weather Cube development program and the FAA NextGen NNEW program. These programs will place web-enabled weather data into the next generation FAA airspace management system.


  • BA, Wayne State, 1972
  • Systems Engineering Certification, Storage Technology, 1982
  • 32 Project Development Units

Research Interests

Integrated thin client display and dissemination systems. Field operations tools for hazardous weather forecasting, e.g. Fire Weather incident support.


  • Developed program and plans to obtain NWS funding for fire weather modeling research focusing on collaboration with NIST to couple fire weather and fire behavior physics.
  • Implemented the use of thin client systems by US state and local air quality forecasters, Dept of Interior fire weather forecasters and university researchers.
  • Initiated program planning for the use of UAS for sensing the atmosphere at fire incidents.
  • Transitioned FX-Net thin client to NWS field operations.
  • Serve as the NOAA Weather and Water project lead for the Fire Weather Modeling and Research Program.


  • Honor Award: Dept of Interior, National Interagency Fire Center
    For outstanding contributions to the National Predictive Services Program 2005
  • Certificate of Recognition: National Weather Service
    For leadership to ensure operational excellence and innovative development and maintenance of critical operational software for the NWS IMET program. 2007
  • Research Initiative Award: Colorado State University, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
    For outstanding research accomplishments 2008-2009

Recent Publications

  • NOAA Fire Weather Research and Mobile Systems, International Wildland Fire Conference, June, 2009, Sydney, Austraila
  • Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for the NOAA Fire Weather Research Program, 2009 NOAA UAS Conference, Dept of Commerce, Washington, D.C., May 2009
  • Future Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Support of Fire Fighting Operations, AIAA Aeronautics Conference, Rohnert Park, CA, May, 2007