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Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz


Global Systems Division


I am one of the longest-tenured employees in GSD, having started here in 1980. I am a project manager for the Forecast Applications Branch. I organize small teams of physical scientists and computer scientists to execute projects that advance the mission of GSD, with particular emphasis on activities that benefit the National Weather Service.


  • M.S. Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, 1980
  • B. S. Meteorology, Iowa State University, 1978

Research Interests

I have published in convection forecasting, hydrology, land surface and boundary layer meteorology, numerical weather prediction, aviation meteorology, and surface transportation weather. Moving forward I expect to be working in aviation meteorology, fire weather, and the next modernization of the NWS, especially the development of AWIPS II. I also expect to be looking at the uncertainty component of weather forecasts and its operational implications.


In approximately chronological order: AWIPS software for plotting weather data; the invention of WarnGen; managing the "hardening" and implementation of the Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS) into AWIPS; a successful microphysics parameterization for mesoscale models; the first algorithm for detecting aircraft icing environments in numerical forecasts; leading the first project applying an ensemble of real-time cloud-system resolving forecast models in support of road weather; and initiating coordinated NWS/GSD activities in the area of probabilistic forecasting. From the laboratory's perspective my most important accomplishment may be the number and productivity of employees recruited to GSD.

Recent Publications

  • Isidora Jankov, Paul Schultz, Christopher J. Anderson, and Steven E. Koch, 2007: The impact of different physical parameterizations and their interactions on cold season QPF in the American River Basin J. Hydrometeorology, 8, 1141–1151.
  • Isidora Jankov, Jian-Wen Bao, Paul J. Neiman, Paul Schultz, Huiling Yuan, and Allen B. White, 2009: Evaluation and comparison of microphysical algorithms in ARW-WRF model simulations of atmospheric river events affecting the California coast. J. Hydrometeorology, 10, 847–870.
  • Huiling Yuan, John A. McGinley, Paul Schultz, Christopher J. Anderson, and Chungu Lu, 2008: Short-range precipitation forecasts from time-lagged multimodel ensembles during the HMT-West-2006 campaign. J. Hydrometeorology, 9, 477–491.
  • Huiling Yuan, Chungu Lu, John A. McGinley, Paul J. Schultz, Brian D. Jamison, Linda Wharton, and Christopher J. Anderson, 2009: Evaluation of short-range quantitative precipitation forecasts from a time-lagged multimodel ensemble. Wea. Forecasting, 24, 18–38.
  • Paul Schultz, 1995: An explicit cloud physics parameterization for operational numerical weather prediction. Mon. Wea. Rev., 123, 3331–3343.