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Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer Mahoney

Jennifer Mahoney

Chief, Forecast Verification Section

Global Systems Division


Ms. Mahoney leads the Forecast Verification Section, Aviation Branch in GSD. Ms. Mahoney works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS) to improve aviation weather prediction through innovative research toward user-specific verification metrics and sophisticated net-enabled verification service technologies. Ms. Mahoney also serves as lead of the FAA's Quality Assessment Product Development Team, responsible for formal forecast quality evaluations. Results from the evaluations are used as input to determine when forecast products meet sufficient quality requirements to be transitioned from research to NWS operations.


    M.S. Atmospheric, Science Colorado State University, 1992 B.A. Meteorology, University of Northern Colorado, 1987

Research Interests

Ms Mahoney's research interests include: development of user-specific verification techniques, forecast quality assessment approaches, automated machine-to-machine delivery of verification information to decision support tools, and forecast assessment techniques that integrate non-standard observation datasets with operational decision criteria.


Ms. Mahoney has established a critical role for her forecast evaluation team in providing independent assessments of forecast products that are to transition to NWS or FAA operations. Her team is also leading innovative research in the arenas of 1) user-specific forecast evaluation that is used to assess forecast quality in the context of aviation operational decisions and 2) automated real-time machine-to-machine delivery of forecast quality information to aviation decision support tools. Ms Mahoney is author or co-author of 78 publications with 20 publications used by technical review panels for making forecast product transition decisions.

Recent Publications

  • Loughe, A.F., B.P. Pettegrew, J.K. Henderson, J.E. Hart, S. Madine, and J.L. Mahoney, 2009: Quality Assessment Report: National Ceiling and Visibility Analysis Product (D4). Submitted to FAA Aviation Weather Technology Transfer (AWTT) Technical Review Panel.
  • Bernardet, L., L. Nance, M. Demirtas, S. Koch, T. Fowler, A. Loughe, J. L. Mahoney, J.-Y. Chuang, M. Pyle, and R. Gall, 2008: The Developmental Testbed Center and its Winter Forecasting Experiment. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 89, 611–627.
  • Madine, S., S.A. Lack, S.A. Early, M. Chapman, J.K. Henderson, J.E. Hart, and J.L. Mahoney, 2008: Quality Assessment Report: Forecast Icing Product (FIP). Submitted to Aviation Weather Technology Transfer (AWTT) Technical Review Panel.
  • Matheson, N.D., M.A. Petty, D.S. Schaffer, B. Lambi, S. Madine, and J. Luppens Mahoney, 2008: The Network-Enabled Verification Service (NEVS): Integrating data to support user-specific verification. Preprints, 13th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology, 21-24 January, New Orleans, LA, Amer. Met. Soc.
  • Kay, M.P., S. Madine, J.L. Mahoney, and J.E. Hart, 2007: 2007 Convective Forecast Scientific Evaluation. Prepared for the FAA System Operations Group.