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Wilson D. K., S. L. Collier, V. E. Ostashev, D. F. Aldridge, N. P. Symons and D. Marlin (November 2006): Time-domain modeling of the acoustic impedance of porous surfaces. Acustica - Acta Acustica, 92 (6), 965-975.

Full text not available from this repository.


A time-domain boundary condition (TDBC) for acoustic reflections from a rigid-frame porous material is derived. The TDBC is the time-domain counterpart of the familiar, linear, frequency-dependent surface impedance for locally reacting surfaces. Although the TDBC is developed from a rather simple, two-parameter phenomenological model, it is shown to apply to a broad range of frequencies and to agree closely with predictions from more sophisticated models that do not have readily derivable time-domain formulas. The TDBC gives the pressure as the sum of two terms involving the particle velocity normal to the surface of the material: one term is directly proportional to the particle velocity at the present time, whereas the other involves a convolution of the particle velocity with a slowly decaying response function. Numerical implementation of the TDBC is discussed and illustrated with example finite-difference, time-domain calculations involving propagation over a porous ground surface.

Item Type: Article
Notes: This journal didn't have DOIs for articles this old, so I used what appears to be the Official URL in it's proper slot.
Subjects: PSD Publications
Divisions: Physical Sciences Division