TOVS Pathfinder Process Status

5/22/01 - Completed making and archiving monthly 2.5 degree grid files. We have several types of grid files including grids for each satellite, grids containing all satellites, grids that average all the satellites, grids that remove the intersatellite bias between different satellites.
3/30/01 - Completed comparison of intersatellite bias simulated by MODTRAN and the bias found from the observations.
4/30/01 - Completed EDF intersatellite bias adjustment.
10/3/00 - Completed processing last satellite (NOAA-15) with the cloud detection and limb correction algorithms
3/15/00 - Started processing the HIRS 1b data (TIROS-N) using the new cloud detection and limb correction algorithms

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Darren Jackson
Last modified: Wed May 23 13:59:11 MDT 2001