Robert S. Webb


Director, Physical Sciences Division


Director's Office




(303) 497-5942


Webb leads the Physical Sciences Division (PSD) in the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory. PSD research analyzes and interprets physical processes that influence weather and climate from hours to decades to provide scientific information necessary to support decision making. PSD works to improve predictions on weather-to-climate time scales by identifying early warning indicators in atmosphere and ocean patterns that could cause extreme events (such as floods, droughts, and heat waves). The division’s research strives to improve observations, understanding, modeling and predictions of weather, water and climate variations and extremes, and their related impacts. Webb is a member of the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) Implementation Team, the NOAA executive sponsor of the federal interagency Climate Change and Water Working Group (CCAWWG), a member of the NOAA integrated water team, the NOAA representative on the Department of Defense (DOD) Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Science Advisory Board, and a member of the Colorado/New Mexico Regional Extreme Precipitation Study Review Board. Recently, his research has focused on collaborative work with NOAA Fisheries to identify and understand marine ecosystem tipping points and their impacts in a changing climate, on the advancement of attribution and prediction assessment capabilities for weather and climate extremes, and on improvements in the use and usability of weather and climate products and services to provide information and decision support resources for proactive planning, impact mitigation, and improved policy, planning and decision making.


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