PSD Experimental Arctic Sea Ice Forecast

These plots are produced from an experimental Arctic sea-ice forecast with a dynamical coupled ocean-atmosphere-sea ice-land model (RASM-ESRL). The RASM-ESRL model is a modified version of the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM; Maslowski et al. 2012) and includes the WRF Version 3.5.1 atmosphere model, the Los Alamos National Laboratory CICE Version 5.1 sea ice model, the Parallel Ocean Program Version 2 (POP2) ocean model, and the NCAR CLM Version 4.5 land surface model. All components are run with a 9-10km horizontal grid and the WRF model is run with 40 vertical levels. RASM-ESRL model forced at the lateral boundaries by GFS 3-hourly forecasts of winds, temperature, and water vapor initialized at 12 UTC every day.

This material is based upon work supported by NOAA/OAR under the auspices of the National Earth System Prediction Capability (National ESPC).

Forecast Guidance Products

5-day Forecast of Sea Ice and Snow 5-day Forecast of T2/SLP and 10m Winds 5-day Forecast of Ice Melt

5-day Precip/T850 and 850 hPa winds
5-day Forecast of Sea Ice and Snow Depth Freeze hour

5-day Snow Depth Change
5-day Ice Thickness Change Ice Thickness Day 5

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